Road Works

  • Earthworks
  • Internal roads & footpaths
  • Parking
  • Fencing & boundary walls
  • Street lighting
  • Network of traffic signals and lights

Sewerage & Drainage

Sewerage and drainage – gravity and pressure mains including manholes, chambers, house connections, stormceptors , soak ways, road gullies, channel grates, overflow ponds and pumping stations, including NDRC dewatering and shoring works

Potable Water

Pressure networks for potable water and pumping stations

Irrigation Networks

Pressure networks for irrigation network lines and pumping stations

Fire Fighting System

Firefighting and fire sprinkler system including fire hydrants complete and pumping stations

Telecommunication Networks

Telecommunication complete containment network as per Etisalat / Du standards

LPG Network

LPG network with yard