Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are an excellent amenity for leisure and residential projects. Proscape LLC specializes in international-grade indoor & outdoor swimming pools; including infinity pools, competition pools, spa pools and natural pools.

Lakes & Ponds

Artificial lakes & ponds add a nature-loving allure to every property whether residential, commercial or leisure. Proscape LLC utilizes the latest equipment and technology to ensure premium water quality & optimum longevity to enhance visitor and user experience.

Streams and Cascades

Flowing water has been one of the foundations of civilization from the beginning of time. Proscape LLC helps bring personalized flowing water elements in the form of Streams and Cascades into the daily lives of people.

Spas & Health Retreats

Spas and Health Retreats are well known to help alleviate stress and rejuvenate patrons.Proscape LLC specializes in the design and construction of bespoke Spas & Health Retreats based on client requirements to ensure optimum rest and relaxation experiences that are second to none in comfort and luxury.

Dancing & Interactive Fountains

Dancing and Interactive fountains are highly fascinating water bodies which wow children and adults alike. Proscape LLC has delivered some of the most iconic Dancing and Interactive Fountains in the region.